Welcome to SKYLINE Cranes

SKYLINE has established itself as one of India’s leading names in the field of integrated conglomerate of engineering EOT Cranes, HOT Cranes and Material Handling Equipment with our promise of quality products for highest performance and maximum efficiency.

SKYLINE expertise in designing optimal solution which has been shaped over years in the field of manufacturing cranes & hoists. Being pioneers in cranes, we have marked our excellence in other material handling equipment also.

Skyline Hoists

SKYLINE HOISTS offer exceptional performance, easy load handling, superior safety, improved ergonomics and favorable dimensions, for cranes, solo hoist or monorail applications or for upgrading existing hoisting equipment.   Read More

Skyline Jib Cranes

SKYLINE JIB CRANES, pillar and wall-mounted are versatile efficient and cost effective solution for moving material within an individual work station or for transferring materials from one work area to another,   Read More

Single Girder Overhead EOT Cranes

SKYLINE SINGLE GIRDER OVERHEAD EOT CRANES feature maximum rigidity for a minimum dead weight. This keeps the load on the crane runway    Read More

Skyline Ganry / Goliath Cranes

SKYLINE GANTRY CRANES are ideal for outdoor applications where lifting facilities are provided without the cost of a building or any supporting steelworks .   Read More

Double Girder Overhead EOT Cranes

SKYLINE DOUBLE GIRDER OVERHEAD EOT CRANES offer you a virtually unmatched deadweight/load capacity ratio.They are also characterized by their outstanding crane,  Read More

Goods Lift

SKYLINE GOODS LIFT is designed to offer the simplest, quickest, most reliable and economical solution to heavy lifting problems. We master the production of heavy duty lifts in a great variety of sizes   Read More

Quality Assurance

Our efforts are focused on

  • Leveraging latest technology trends
  • Continuous improvement according to customer’s requirement
  • Providing reliable & low cost products
  • Best service support
  • Giving 100% satisfaction to our customers

Our Assets

  • Hi-tech facilities
  • Wide range of innovative products
  • Talented research & development team
  • World class manufacturing


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