HOISTS offer exceptional performance, easy load handling, superior safety, improved ergonomics and favorable dimensions, for cranes, solo hoist or monorail applications or for upgrading existing hoisting equipment. The range meets a wide variety of application requirements. Various available lifting capacities, speeds, trolley types, duty classes and the comprehensive range of standard and additional features guarantee effective, safe and reliable solutions for your lifting needs.

Benefits & Features:

  • SKYLINE HOISTS can be expected to last for multiple lifetimes
  • Large rope drum diameter and rope angles reduce stress and bending forces.
  • Safety and reliability are enhanced by the excellent power transmission and braking systems. Revolutionary compact and innovative design concept makes these high performance hoists, smaller in size.
  • Reduced hook approaches create more usable work space.
  • The gears used are manufactured with extreme accuracy, which combined with hardened and ground gear fabrication; means trouble free operation even after years of intensive use.

Technical Specifications:

SWL 250 Kgs. to 20 Tons
Heights of Lift As per Customer Applications
Class of Duty/Standards Equivalent to M5,tA7, and M8 as per IS: IS: 3938 standards Classification
Speeds Selected depending client specifications / applications / dimensions
Hoist Control From floor through Pendant Push Buttons. Optionally through Radio Remote Control
Drive System Through Squirrel Cage Induction Motors with Helical Gear Boxes with Fail Safe Brakes
Motors Squirrel Cage Induction Hoisting Motors for Hoisting, Cross Travel. Insulation all
motors Y Class with 40% CDF S4 Duty
Brakes Electro Hydraulic Thrusters / Disc Brakes for all motions. DC/AC Electro MagneticBrakes or additional brakes can be on request
Power Supply System To Hoist and Cross Travel through Trailing Cables/Drag, Shrouded Bus Bars (dependingon customer’s choice and application)

Diagrammatic Representation