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SKYLINE CRANES & HOISTS are designed and manufactured in accordance with Indian standards considering adequate factor of safety with respect to duty classification. We believe in not only making cranes to lift your material but in creating giant brains to uplift your comfort and satisfaction to the highest altitude with the greatest attitude.

  • Proven crane geometry with welded crane girders guarantees high design rigidity, optimum travel characteristics and minimum wear and tear.
  • Raised crane girder designs are tailored to match the roof structure and compact crabs with minimum approach dimensions makes larger hook paths as well as better utilization of the available space, reduce initial construction and subsequent costs.
  • Variable speed control in all motions, thanks to AC frequency for reducing load sway, facilitating exact and gentle positioning and also lowers the mechanical load on the crane installation.
  • High lifting and cross travel speeds provide faster handling rates and greater efficiency.

Technical specifications:

Crane Type Wire Rope Hoists Single girder crane Double girder crane
SWL* upto 15t 15t 100t
Span* upto NA 30m 30m
Long travel speed* upto   60m/min 60m/min
Cross travel speed* upto 30m/min 30m/min 30m/min
Lifting speed* upto 12m/min 12m/min 12m/min